Yiannos Charalambous

Born 1970 in Limassol. He is married with Maria Yiangou (Physical Education teacher) and a father of three. 

As an athlete he took part in amateur boxing, track and field athletics and football.
He studied at Premier College in the UK and excelled as a Sport’s Conditioning Coach specialized in the preparation of teams and high conditioning.
From 1997 until 2000 he worked in the private sector collaborating with athletes and coaches of national teams from many different confederations (especially sailing, soccer and basketball). The outcome was excellent.
In 2000, Limassol’s Nautical Club proposed him to undertake the coaching of its rowing team. Charalambous accepted the offer and from that point on he started making his own history in the field of Cyprus rowing… From 2000 until 2008 Charalambous lead the Limassol Nautical Club’s rowing team to the top many times, winning 7 out of 8 National Rowing Championships.
As a rowing coach in the Limassol’s Nautical Club, Charalambous made known some of the best rowing athletes in Cyprus’ rowing history and achieved with them decent places in international races.
In 2008, the Cyprus Rowing Federation arbitrarily decided to remove from the National Championship the seniors’ category. Yiannos Charalambous objected the decision and after receiving no support to his objection from Limassol’s Nautical Club he resigned from the club.
He is now one of the founding members of “Nereus” and he is the  technical advisor and sports curator of the club.